• “One, two, three, four, we want Color War!” – it feels like only yesterday the sound of chanting echoed around camp. As I think back to the start of the week, it feels as though weeks have flown by. Have we really completed Color War, enjoyed two regular days of programming and taken part in Israeli Day? The answer is a resounding yes!

    The Color War action all began on Sunday morning, following our usual breakfast routine. As the campers headed back to their bunks, whispers turned into excited giggling as yellow and green painted handprints were spotted all around camp. Knowing it was coming soon, but not exactly sure when, only added to the Color War excitement.

    As the camp gathered to watch Amanda being drenched in a dunk tank, a group dressed in yellow and green morph suits suddenly ran through the crowd towards the lake – the moment everyone knew what was coming. Faster than lightening, the camp gathered on the beach, and the Color War Committee lead by Emma started their dance routine while music blasted and confetti cannons erupted.

    It was then time for the campers to head to the Dining Hall to tuck into delicious cupcakes, each filled with green or yellow frosting, revealing which team they belonged to for the next three days. Color War had now officially begun, and it was time for the traditional Running of the Key activity. Once completed, the games were in full swing with Captain’s Volleyball and fest prep quickly following. The evening ended with a Gladiator tournament, where campers had to cross the challenging obstacle course while Elvis (Jake) and Scary Spice (Bridgette) and other amusingly dressed gladiator counselors were in fast pursuit.

    Day two began with the Color War favorites – Aquadome and Skydome! The two teams battled it out in an array of competitions including soccer, flag football, newcomb, kayaking and relay swimming races, all in the hopes gaining precious points for their teams. In the afternoon, the whole camp headed to the lake to watch the highly anticipated and incredibly challenging ‘Over the Dock’ relay race (we became tired ourselves just watching them!). The day concluded with Thunderdome in the gym, where campers competed in olim newcomb, olot dodgeball, tsofim and tsofot street hockey, bogrim basketball and bogrot volleyball. An actioned-packed evening, ending an action-packed day.

    In the blink of an eye day three came around and it was time to head to the flagpole for the counselor-favorite, Gold Rush. As the whistle blew, campers dashed around the area, hunting for colored rocks to take back to their team for extra points. Taking their jobs incredibly seriously, the counselors did their best to keep the campers at bay with water guns and send those that they caught to Gold Rush Jail, where harsh jail guards Ollie and Harry could be found, with very muddy tasks awaiting those who arrived.

    The afternoon’s activity consisted of Apache – a giant relay race involving an array of activities including bed making, saying the alphabet backwards whilst jumping rope, and playing the trumpet (which Ryan performed perfectly). The games ended with the traditional ‘burning of the rope’, which may have ended in disaster when one of the team’s rope dropped into the fire, whoops!

    After a ‘no eye contact’ dinner, and it was time to head to the gym to watch the fests, and get ready for the anticipated Color War 2019 winner reveal! This year, Drama-fest, Clip-fest, Banner-fest and Song-fest all centered around this week’s CTN core value – courage. Both Galil and Negev portrayed the theme perfectly through acting, song and art. It was then time for the moment we’d all been waiting for… the winner reveal! Emma took to the stage and after a nerve-racking drum roll… Galil was crowned the winner! After cheers and joy and endless amounts of hugging, the two teams joined to end Color War in the most perfect way possible, together, singing as a whole.

    If there’s one thing CTN can do, it’s keeping the energy and excitement alive, even after a busy few days. Regular programming continued throughout the rest of the week, and on Thursday the whole camp joined together in the gym for the Drama department’s incredible Let’s go to the Movies review show, and what an evening it was! Camper after camper took to the stage, performing crowd favorites including Ghostbusters by Sydney, The Sound of Music’s Do-Re-Mi by Bella, She’s All That’s Kiss Me by Chelsea and Dirty Dancing’s Time of My Life by Sam. An incredible evening enjoyed by all!

    Today our Israeli counselors came together to put on an incredible array of activities for Israeli Day! Giving campers and counselors a true taste of Israel, we spent the day learning Israeli geography with Elon, practicing Hebrew with Maya and Liel, enjoying childhood games with Gil and Adi, and tucking into freshly made pitas in Nature’s fire pit – delicious!

    As we head into Shabbat and towards our final few days at camp, we are incredibly thankful for memories we have created over the last week. The aim for our remaining few days at CTN is to make the most of our final moments together, and ensure we have enough tissues around camp… as we know we’re all going to need them on Wednesday!

    Shabbat Shalom,

    Camp Tel Noar.

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