A Place of Significance

  • For so many of our campers and staff, camp is a second home, a safe haven and a little slice of heaven on earth. Camp Tel Noar is a place of memories, of everlasting friendships and a place of significance. Adam, one of our beloved British counselors, puts it perfectly…

    DSC_0049Written by Adam Line

    A couple months ago I took a writing class. One week, the homework was to write about a place of significance to a character. Naturally, I wrote about Camp:

    There are thick trees that line Rollercoaster Road, making Camp a hidden gem in the sticks of New Hampshire. It’s not actually called Rollercoaster Road. It earned this nickname for it’s sweeping, uneven bumps and drops; made only more exciting by it’s sharp turns. Reaching Rollercoaster Road means that you’re only moments away from camp, giving each driver an appetite for speed due to a mixture of nostalgia and the excitement to make new memories. So whether it’s your first time arriving or your tenth time returning, as you pull up to the hamlet of bunks, you’ve been on some kind of ride.

    Just as ‘A House is not a Home’, the Site is not Camp until the people you have or will come to know and love arrive. For a place that is temporarily home to roughly 250 people for a summer, there is an eerie ghost-town stillness to being one of the only people there.

    Look around:

    A single light shines in the office on your left. It’s a small bungalow building that usually radiates with light in the evening as the administrative team prepare for the next day.

    The Health Centre on the right is completely vacant, soon to be buzzing with children needing attention for the most imaginative self-diagnoses.

    In the distance beyond the dell, you can see the swimming pool looking like a holiday resort next to the Arts & Crafts and Nature cabins.

    Directly in front are the bunks. They’re not quite army barracks and they’re not quite dormitories. After living inside one, you know the only description you can really use for them is the title they hold- they’re Bunks. Despite the white paneled wooden exterior, they’re quite cozy once you settle in.

    Walk with me, up the road, passing more bunks, we reach the large dance platform and the flagpole from where you can see the shimmering waters of Sunset Lake. There’s some magical tranquility of seeing this beautiful sight. It rings through in every person that this place is special to, and if you take away with you nothing but the view of this Waterfront, at least that moment of peace is something you have taken.

    Imagine, or remember, what embracing two months in this fishbowl of potential does to your rollercoaster of emotion on the road when you return.

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