A Handshake and a High-Five

  • Building community is one of the most important things we do at CTN. It starts with a warm welcome: a high five to your new bunk mate, a hug from a counselor who’s back for yet another unforgettable summer, or a big grin from your best friend as she drives into camp on Opening Day. Creating that safe space, that environment of caring, nurturing and fun, happens organically in so many ways at camp, but we also do things intentionally to foster community and build relationships through thoughtful and purposeful programming.

    For the newest members of our community we look forward to welcoming our first-time campers to our New Camper Orientation May 4th where they will meet new friends, counselors and Leadership Staff. Our staff, both new and returning, arrive at camp a week early to participate in team-building and skill development sessions as they work together and form a cohesive staff family. Our community is marked by our intimate size, extraordinary sense of tradition, and shared love for our summer home and is only further enhanced by our terrific campers and staff.

    From the first moment a staff member, parent, or (most importantly) camper steps foot into camp, he or she is greeted with a friendly smile and kind greeting, and the assurance that you are in for an unforgettable summer. As a “new camper” myself, I’m excited to meet new people, try new activities, form relationships with campers, staff and parents and truly experience the community and ruach of CTN. I feel incredibly lucky to have had such a warm welcome into the Tel Noar Family and can’t wait to form even closer bonds and memories with everyone this summer.

    As a way of my own welcoming I wanted to share with you a somewhat silly side as we get to know each other (I will certainly also be sharing my passion for staff culture, professionalism, character development, Jewish identity, ethical living, reflective practice, role modeling, parent partnership, and informal education in future communications). A huge thank you to Jake Greenberg for his expertise in filming and editing this video.

    I hope you like it, and I look forward to building our relationship together!


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