70 Things to Love About CTN

  • There are definitely way more than 70 incredible, amazing, awesome things to love about Tel Noar but we wanted to warm you up with 70 things in honor of our 70th season and celebration on Sunday, June 27th!


    1. The excitement of driving down Main Street on Opening Day and finally pulling into CTN after 10 long months.
    2. Grilled cheese Mondays…AND french fries!
    3. Living in chugs- there’s always room for hanging out with friends from other bunks.
    4. Finding friends and family on old plaques in the Rec Hall.
    5. Saturday song session.
    6. Jumping into Sunset Lake after a Game Day victory.
    7. Late wake-up on Saturday morning and Shabboptional breakfast for the Bogs
    8. Counselors and campers linking arms on the way to the dining hall after lineup.
    9. Havdalah on the beach.
    10. Racing to claim your bunk’s favorite spot to eat a barbecue dinner or picnic lunch.
    11. Dance parties during breakfast.
    12. Negev.
    13. International staff members from all over the world.
    14. When it’s your bunk’s turn to tie-dye.
    15. Israeli dancing on Friday nights.
    16. Finally getting that perfect cleanup score.
    17. Coffee cake Shabbat breakfast.
    18. Getting to bounce on the big tubes during G-Swim.
    19. Mixed Tables.
    20. Cheering for CTN on Game Day.
    21. Making smore’s over a campfire.
    22. Shabbat services overlooking the lake.
    23. The anticipation of Trip Day.
    24. Galil.
    25. When the instructions for an evening activity include, “Wear something that you can get dirty”.
    26. Your bunk’s turn to raise or lower the flag at lineup.
    27. Shekets.
    28. Friday pizza lunch.
    29. Leading Shabbat services.
    30. Intense Gaga tournaments.
    31. Dance parties during lunch.
    32. Running Man.
    33. Cheese cubes at Shabbat kiddush.
    34. The excitement of Visiting Day.
    35. When the rain stops just in time for your favorite elective.
    36. Getting mail from friends and family.
    37. Scatman.
    38. Trying to guess the banquet theme.
    39. Seeing friends from Pembroke and Tevya at Tournaments.
    40. Omelet Bar morning.
    41. Funyaking around the lake.
    42. Tetherball during Bunk Activity.
    43. Getting called to visit canteen.
    44. Waking up and deciding whether to wear footie pajamas or a tutu- or both.
    45. Camp nicknames.
    46. Popsicle snacks.
    47. Dance parties during dinner.
    48. Walking through the Shabbat doorway.
    49. Running for the Key during Color War.
    50. Minute to Win It.
    51. Donning our best blue and white every Friday evening.
    52. Cannonballing into the pool on a hot day.
    53. Socials.
    54. Singing Piano Man.
    55. Waterskiing and wakeboarding.
    56. Incredible color war breaks.
    57. Alumni Shabbat.
    58. Looking forward to going on Dor L’ Dor.
    59. A trip to the G-store after winning Honor Bunk.
    60. Nighttime pool parties.
    61. Hanging out in the Adirondack chairs.
    62. Water carnival.
    63. Israel Day.
    64. Wearing super cool CTN Gear.
    65. Dancing in the Dell.
    66. Sunrises and sunsets over the lake.
    67. Late night talks with your bunkmates during flashlights.
    68. Dodgeball on a rainy day.
    69. Skipping around the room for a birthday.

    Major credit goes out to Caroline Dorn for compiling this list!

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