Monthly Archives:June 2016

  • Is That My Camper’s Elbow?

    I don’t think I understood how important it was to parents to “see” their child during their time at camp until I was a counselor. It was my fourth summer on staff, and I was at home on my day off. I hadn’t yet had the chance to see all of the pictures being taken every day and […]

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  • Add Those Kids from Summer Camp to your Professional Network

    Thank you to everyone who joined us for the launch of CTNnc, the Camp Tel Noar Network Collaborative! This new CTN initiative is both for and with camp alumni and camper parents. CTNnc brings a whole new level of opportunity to our community. Our motivation is simple: to put our CTN connections to work. It […]

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  • Cornerstone Happenings!

    Written by the 2016 Cornerstone Fellows: This week at Cornerstone has caused us to think a lot about how we’ve been influenced by past counselors and how we can have the same influence over our campers. The Cornerstone Fellowship–a program for camp counselors hosted by the Foundation for Jewish Camps–serves the purpose of coaching returning […]

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