Monthly Archives:April 2015

  • The CTN Greatest Hits Album…

    We all know camp is about the people! The relationships we build with our bunk mates, counselors, department heads, and camp leadership help shape who we are and how we engage with the world. If relationships are the main course of camp, all of the side dishes that enhance the experience are crucial to providing […]

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  • Reflections on Summers Past by David Yas

    In anticipation of celebrating our 70th year, we are asking members of our camp community…alumni, parents, staff and campers, to share their favorite memories and camp stories. Check out what the legendary David Yas has to say for himself and for camp! And register today for our 70 celebration! When I woke, I swore I […]

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  • Add Some CTN to Your Seder

    For the last few weeks, Jews all over the world have been organizing, cleaning, cooking and stressing about the upcoming Passover Seder. Similar to the preparation for camp, there’s a lot to be done! Here are a few tricks of the trade, taken straight from the CTN playbook, to help make your seder even more […]

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