Monthly Archives:May 2014

  • Meet the Department Staff

    We are thrilled to introduce to you our incredible programming staff for the 2014 season at CTN! With many returning staff members and a handful of department heads new to our camp family, we can’t wait to welcome everyone to camp this summer! Without further adieu, we introduce to you…. Program Director – Edana Appel […]

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  • Connected with the Cohen Camps Alumni App

    Do you think about your bunkmate from Tel Noar and wonder where he (or she) is? What about your favorite counselor from Bunk 12? Would you interview a Tel Noar alum ahead of other qualified applicants? If so, we have the app for you! We recently launched a Cohen Camps Alumni App from EverTrue to […]

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  • Your Camp Trunk: 10 Tips to Pack Like a Pro

    1. Label everything…and then label it again: Camp very quickly feels like home to our campers, which means one thing…our campers leave everything everywhere (sound familiar?). If there is a label or name written somewhere on it, that lost item is 99% more likely to find its way back home. Initials are good, full names […]

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