• 100 Days Until Summer 2013 at Camp Tel Noar! from Cohen Camps on Vimeo.

    In the spirit of counting down only 100 days left until summer 2013, here are the top 100 things you should plan to do at camp…if you haven’t already done them yet!

    1. Swim in the pool100 days
    2. Make a friendship bracelet and give it to a friend
    3. Catch a fish
    4. Play cards in the chug lounge
    5. Develop a black and white photograph of the TN Mosaic
    6. Win a game of knockout
    7. Make a solo sail
    8. Eat grilled cheese and French fries on opening day
    9. Take a silly photo with your bunkmates
    10. Dress up for a social
    11. Hit a home run in the Big Diamond
    12. Pet the bunnies
    13. Take someone to court with “Judge Molly”
    14. Take a canoe out with your friend
    15. Table hop to your best friend’s table in the dining hall
    16. Find your parent’s picture on a plaque in the Rec Hall
    17. Get the mail for your bunk
    18. Shoot a bulls eye at the archery range
    19. Make a leather bracelet with your name on it in leather craft
    20. Win a game of one-bounce against a team of counselors
    21. Be first in line at the salad bar
    22. Clean up the benches in the Gym
    23. Get a 10 on cleanup
    24. Get up on a windsurf board
    25. Stay up past flashlights whispering with your friend next to you
    26. Make a duct tape wallet
    27. Play on the tubes on the lake
    28. Cheer for breakfast sandwiches
    29. Lead Shabbat Services
    30. Make a pinch pot in ceramics
    31. Visit the office to enjoy the air conditioning
    32. Get an awesome package from home
    33. Sleep on a top bunk
    34. Beat a counselor at tennis
    35. Give a thumbs up photo for the parent online photo community
    36. Hold the Havdallah candle at Havdallah
    37. Take a kayak across the lake
    38. Cook pancakes at outdoor living
    39. Put the whipped cream from the strawberry shortcake on your nose (or your friend’s!)
    40. Give a high five at lunchtime announcements
    41. Clean the bathrooms to get first shower
    42. Dance to Bom Shi Bom on Friday night
    43. Be on the “winning gender” for Minute to Win It
    44. Enjoy ice cream sundaes after performing in a play
    45. Raise the flag at morning lineup
    46. Sit with your friends in Sharon’s Garden at Bunk Activity
    47. Score a goal at World Cup Soccer
    48. Go to Water Country
    49. Wear your TN Shirt with pride for game day
    50. Make it across all the swinging tires – without any help
    51. Go all the way around the lake on water skis
    52. Be the winner of a ga ga game
    53. Be the first bunk dismissed for a barbecue
    54. Paint your nails in the chug lounge
    55. Write a letter home telling your parents how much you love camp
    56. See your friend from home who is competing in the Water Carnival
    57. Sleep through the “optional” Shabbat morning breakfast
    58. Plan the final banquet
    59. Prepare a dance for MTV Night
    60. Have a pool party under the stars
    61. Enjoy a slice of watermelon for afternoon snack
    62. Read from the Torah
    63. Answer the “all call” when the head counselors radio in to say good morning
    64. Sleep on the bottom bunk
    65. Have “Free” at cleanup
    66. Be the first one to arrive at canteen
    67. Be on Negev
    68. Dress up silly for a Siagel Social
    69. Play on a mixed doubles team in the Tennis Tournament
    70. Have your favorite counselor on OD
    71. Get over the “log” on your own
    72. Make a mosaic picture frame
    73. Try the fish sticks (they really are good!)
    74. Jog around camp
    75. Sing Mini Mac on Friday night
    76. Skip around the room on your birthday
    77. Be on Galil
    78. Brush your teeth with your friends from the other bunk
    79. Extend your session at camp (from Taam to 3 ½ weeks, or from 3 ½ weeks to 7 weeks)
    80. Bring the wackiest costumes when you are in Bunk 18
    81. Play guitar on the steps of your bunk
    82. Play step ball
    83. Sleep out at the campsite
    84. Make up an original cheer so the head counselors dismiss you first for Friday picnic
    85. Win Honor Bunk
    86. Borrow a costume from the Drama department
    87. Win a million “camp bucks” at Casino Night
    88. Get a bunk note with a picture your parents saw of you at camp
    89. Be chosen as a color war captain
    90. Get some ice from the Health Center just because you’re hot
    91. Grab an apple on your way out of lunch…for later
    92. Stay up all night on the last night of camp
    93. Roast marshmallows at your end of summer campfire
    94. Make a “Sheket” to beg for a lazy day at breakfast
    95. Engage in friendly “table wars” with the table next to you
    96. Win color war
    97. Play dodge ball in the gym
    98. Sing the alma mater after an evening activity
    99. Wait on tables
    100. Make best friends for life at Camp Tel Noar



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