10 Things That Have a Very Different Meaning at CTN

  • 1. FaceTime
    Camp Tel Noar - Alumni Shabbat
    What it usually means: A fancy, and convenient, feature on the iPhone that allows you to see friends and family on your mobile device wherever and whenever you’d like.
    What it means at CTN: It means taking time out from your day to sit with your best friend, a counselor, a bunk mate and talk. Not about anything specific, no agenda, no motive, just an opportunity to connect with someone in person. Unplugging at camp is one of the many advantages to being away from the day-to-day of modern technology. Campers learn how to properly manage conflict, confrontation and the value of face-to-face communication. Playing jacks, step-ball on the front stoop and four-square are all things that happen often and organically at camp.

    2. The Office
    What it usually means: A popular television show, a place of mundane work,  and often a place where students visit for formal meetings and discussions at school.
    What it means at CTN: The office is the living room of Camp Tel Noar. Kids, counselors, and senior staff are constantly visiting for a variety of needs. Kind of like 7 Eleven, the camp office is always open. Our space is a hub of camp action but is so much more than just the place to pick up mail and get office supplies. You are greeted by a warm smile, a comforting hug and the idea of taking a few moments from the action of your day to relax and unwind…and enjoy the air conditioning.

    Camp Tel Noar3. Grilled Cheese
    What it usually means: Two slices of bread, some cheese and maybe a glass of milk. An easy lunch, a comfort food, a childhood favorite.
    What it means at CTN: Grilled cheese at camp is serious business. A Monday tradition, grilled cheese and french fries is not a lunch you want to be late for. So pull up a bench, grab some french fries and your lactaid pills and enjoy!

    4. Dell
    What it usually means: A dell is defined as a small, usually wooded, valley.
    What it means at CTN: The Dell field, the Dell court, the Dell hill. The Dell at camp is a centrally located area of activity, a point of reference for the layout of camp, and a favorite lookout point over Sunset Lake. The green grass and open air provides our campers the space to run and play the way that kids should have the opportunity to do so, freely and frequently.

    5. Dress Updress up
    What it usually means: A new tie, a favorite dress, getting dressed up usually indicates a formal event.
    What it means at CTN: It means costumes and tutu’s and face paint and whatever it is that you’d like to wear. The weirder the better, the crazier, the more celebrated. 

    6. Dinner
    What it usually means: At home, dinner can look different for every family and for every day of the week. It may be grabbing a granola bar before skipping off to soccer practice or maybe your family of 4 or 5 finding any spare 30 minute block to sit down together a couple times a week.
    What it means at CTN: Meals at CTN provide our campers with consistency. Three times a day, without fail, our campers and counselors gather together for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sitting family style at mixed-age, mixed-gender tables provides a community-oriented experience for each and every camper to enjoy every day. It’s basic but incredibly powerful to have that time and space every day to relax and just enjoy a good meal and the company of your summer family.


    7. Lazy Day
    What it usually means: Maybe pajamas, a movie, usually just a a whole lot of nothing.
    What it means at CTN: Lazy Days at camp are sacred. It means wearing your favorite camp sweatshirt on a cold, rainy day and staying comfy and content in your bunk for a few extra hours during a thunderstorm. These days always seem to fall at the perfect time during the progression of camp. Three days of Color War just ended, a night trip and a late-night bunk sneak out…you’re tired, but rest assured there’s a rainy day in the forecast and your bed has your name written all over it.

    8. Friday
    What it usually means: The day following Thursday and the day before Saturday
    What it means at CTN: It means the best dinner of the week. It means knishes, schnitzel, challah and chicken soup. Dancing and singing in the Dining Hall…it means Shabbat! The chance for our entire camp family to gather together, first in the chapel overlooking the lake, and then dancing in the Dell before settling into the Dining Hall for the night, this is our chance to take a deep breath, relax and spend the best time of the week together.

    9. Duperman
    What it usually means: Nothing in the English language but we think it should.
    What it means at CTN: A Duperman is the person that embodies what it means to be a true role model. Energy, empathy, spirit, kindness, enthusiasm, and passion are just a few of the many characteristics that a Duperman possesses. These are our favorite counselors, the stand-out campers and many of the people that helped shaped our camp experiences growing up.


    letter pic10. Mail
    What it usually means: Email, text messages, Facebook, Direct Message and Tweeting. Sending and receiving mail has never been easier than it is now.
    What it means at CTN: Getting mail while you’re away at camp? There is no better feeling. Not only are you in your happy place, enjoying the best summer of your life, but the people that you love are still thinking about you and sending you handwritten cards and notes. It’s like the best of both worlds. And the best part about writing letters to your campers are the letters you’ll receive in reply. These are pure GOLD…hang on to them so when your Bunk 9 camper becomes a CIT and counselor herself she can see the comedy of an 8 year old’s narratives of summer camp. It truly doesn’t get any better.

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