Welcome home, Tel Noar Alumni

This is your endless-summer home on the web: a place to reminisce, a place to catch up with old friends, and a place to reawaken that warm feeling amid your Camp Tel Noar community.

Dear CTN Alumni,

Many of you share my excitement about connecting with CTN friends and our camp memories. We all get the same reaction of instant warmth, comfort, laughter and the recollection of becoming who we are today, gaining the foundation for our confidence and sense of identity at Camp Tel Noar. Together, we can remind ourselves and others how special camp is and what a difference Tel Noar has made in our lives. We can share the impact it made on us, how it helped us to become the people that we are today. My own daughter is already enjoying that same experience at Camp Tel Noar; perhaps she will meet some of your own next-generation campers there.

As CTN Alumni, we can:

I encourage you to join me in doing all of these! Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to help organize CTN Alumni events!


David Koplan, CTN ‘82-’90,
Coordinator of the Camp Tel Noar Alumni Group