Monthly Archives:July 2017

  • Nice is the Norm

    When I first started working at Tel Noar, one of my favorite things was to ask current and past staff members about their experiences at camp to gain some insight and perspective on what made Tel Noar tick. I heard amazing stories of lifelong friendships, memories about gamedays and Color War, and fun anecdotes about […]

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  • The Good Stuff

    A little over two weeks in and our campers, and this community, never cease to amaze me. I wake up every morning grateful to be a part of this crazy, funny, everchanging family and every Friday afternoon, around noon-ish, I start to reflect on the past week. I’m quickly reminded of the camp-wide movie night […]

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  • Tater Tot Moments

    Every day we see moments of strong character, honesty, and fairness at camp. The demonstration of integrity at CTN happens throughout camp and were even more obvious as we honored it as the value of the week. When I think back on this week I remember the Bogrim Coffee House where I discovered a camper […]

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